STYLING                                                    SENIOR STYLIST

Wash & blowdry/Straighten                                             £18                             

Shampoo & Set                                                                £12                              

Straighten                                                                       £14                              

Hair up's                                                              Upon consultation             


Conditioning Treatments

Morocaan Oil Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment

Helps to smooth down the cuticle, adding back condition and hair strength in preparation for chemical treatment such as perming or prelighting hair. £5. Blowdry and finish extra.

Morocaan Oil Scalp Conditioning Treatment.

Helps to sooth dry, sensitive scalp conditions or rebalance oil scalp conditions. £5. Blowdry and finish extra.

Keratin conditioning treatment

Also known as brazilian blowdry or permanent blowdry treatment. Last upto 4 months. Helps to smooth down the cuticle reducing curl and frizz, cuts down styling time by up to 80%. Home care products essential to maintain the keratin within the hair. Prices from £130.

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