FACIAL AREAS - Lip/chin/sides/forehead                                  £5 each
Upto and including knee                                      £12
3/4 LEG - Half leg plus back of thighs                                     £14
FULL ENTIRE LEG - Full Leg Entire leg                                    £20
UNDER ARMS - Under arms                                                    £9
STANDARD BIKINI - Removal 1-2 fingers in width                      £10  
BRAZILIAN BIKINI - Leaving a vertical strip 2-3 fingers in width  £18
HOLLYWOOD BIKINI - Full amount of hair removal                    £22
STOMACH LINE - Stomach line                                                £3
FOREARM - Forearms                                                            £11
FULL ARM - Entire arms                                                        £15
BACK OR CHEST - Entire back OR chest wax                           £20
SHOULDERS - Added to chest or back                                    £5
ABDOMINALS - Abdominals only                                             £8

                     0r Added to chest or back                               £5

Pre and aftercre:

Keep the area to be waxed well exfoliated and moisturised to avoid in growing hairs. Post treatment avoid hot baths/showers, perfumed products and try to avoid touching area too much!

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