Jessica manicure includes cuticle work, nails cut and filed, hand and arm massage and nail painted £18

Jessica luxury manicure includes all the above but also includes an exfoliation and a choice of hot mitts or paraffin wax £24

Jessica pedicure includes foot soak, exfoliation, removal of dead skin, mask, foot and leg massage, cuticle work, file and cut nails and paint £24

Jessica luxury pedicure includes all the above plus a choice of either warm booties or paraffin wax £28



Jessica Geleration file and paint on finger or toe nails-  cuticles are pushed back,nails tidied and gel applied £20

Jessica Geleration manicure same as a normal manicure but using gel instead of polish £28

Jessica Geleration pedicure same as normal pedicure but using gel instead of polish £34


Removal after first application of gel is free future removal of gel will be £8




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