TIDY AND POLISH - (20 MIN) Cost £12

A quick fix, nails are filed and polish of choice is applied.

MANICURE - (30 Min) Cost £18

File and nail & cuticle tidy, massage and polish of your choice

For nails that need professional treatment but no polish. *Great for guys*

LUXURY MANICURE (60 Min) Cost £24

As per manicure with the added luxury of mask /hot wax treatment.

SPA PEDICURE - (45 Min) Cost £24

Nail trim, cuticle and exfoliation to soften hard skin, moisturise & polish.

LUXURY - (70 MIN) Cost £28

As Spa pedicure but includes hard skin removal, massage & mask/hot wax treatment.

HOT WAX TREATMENT - (30 Min) Cost £10

To help condition hard skin, good for aching joints!


• Softens even the hardest calluses
• Leaves clean and soft skin


you will be ble to see and feel the difference after just one treatment. Hard skin and calluses on the foot can build up making our feet feel painful and look unsightly, Callus Peel is the answer we've all be looking for. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas, allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly. The treatment will take no longer than 30 minutes for you to see the difference Callus Peel can make. The results also last longer than hard skin removed as part of a pedicure. You will love it!

£18 for balls of feet or heels

£25 for both areas

£10 added to our spa pedicure, so for £34 you can have your feet looking polished and well groomed.

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